Love Japan


There is no word for familial love in the Japanese language. There is no word for agape love. There is only an infrequently used word for romantic love that is being employed by the younger generation.

A sushi chef explained “We used to never say love, wife, husband, we were silent, stoic.”

There is a word for “big like” which may be used with children.

This language is void of one of the most integral parts of the Gospel. The love of God for His Son. The love of God for the World. Sacrificial love. Brotherly love.

Where there is no word, there is no concept.

I was wrong in assuming that since Japan is a technologically advanced nation, they must have saturated access to all things Christ and Gospel.

The culture of “one contributing to the many” lends itself to a hopelessness of “what am I even here for?” Many feel that their lives don’t matter and that there is no reason for their existence.

The Japanese desperately need to hear the truth that they were uniquely knit together. That someone, not just someone, the I AM made them. That there is hope and life for them too.

As my heart has been heavy for those in Japan, I’m thankful that others’ are burdened as well. Those who are much more learned and influential that I am!

Please pray for the Love Japan Conference taking place simultaneously in three major cities in Japan October 11th – 13th. The speakers include DA Carson, John Piper, and Michael Oh. 

Love Japan.

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