To The King

Tales of the Kingdom

The Kingdom Tales Trilogy, Tales of the Kingdom, Tales of the Resistance, and Tales of the Restoration are three stories that have lived and grown with me. They have colored the way I see the world. They have whispered the idea of something more when I wouldn’t listen to anyone else.

I don’t remember the first time I read these books, because I was a little girl and my Mom and Pops read them to me. My Pops’ own childhood mentors gave him a set of the trilogy. Thank you Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jack.

Even un-rescued with deaf ears, there was something that twinged inside me when I read these books. I wanted to be there. I wanted it to be real. I wanted to see the King. I wondered if I would be good at sightings or not.

Believing is Seeing. 

As a mess of a human hedonist young adult living in Los Angeles, I daydreamed about Tales of the Kingdom as a movie. I wrote scripts and discarded them. I grew the story. I loved the story. I expanded the tales. I lived with these characters. I discarded it. I even shakily emailed and called the Authors to see what they thought about my ideas. Looking back, it’s embarrassing. But they were gracious.

As a mess of a girl moving nearer to when I would first believe, I clung to the Princess who knows she should be exiled for failing the King. He doesn’t exile her. My dearest friend created and fashioned for me the most beautiful draping scarf made of soft, luxurious yarns, fire red and jagged at the end, with a bright green splash. My dragon. I had loved so many things more than the King. All things.

The day He dragged me to rescue I knew. I knew my offenses were against Him. I knew His heart breaks for the lost. I knew I deserved to die. I knew I would die for him if I could. I knew I would leave anything and anyone for this King. And I did.

I knew He welcomed me. He loved me. He rejoiced over me. I knew He would never exile me.

And now here I live. In this story times infinity. In the truth of eternity. The truth of a King. The Truth.

These books have been out of print for a while now. I have a couple sets. I buy them from eBay. This morning I got an email. Because of coming up against a deadline, the author, Karen Mains, hadn’t cleaned out her email list before sending the email (which means I made the cut!).

They have started a kickstarter campaign to reprint The Kingdom Tales Trilogy with new illustrations.

Because of the personality God gave me, but also the life I lived prior to the King, I tend to distrust emotions, and honestly, do not feel things all that often. This email, seeing Husband and Wife on the kickstarter video, and being given the opportunity to help with something that has been with me for twenty-five years is one of the great joys of my life. I weep with the tenderness of my own rescuer, who, in His providence organizes all things according to His will. Sometimes those things balm the heart so gently and personally that every beat echoes there is such a thing as a King...


To the King~

His Forever,

Margaret (Greta) Nelson

Kickstarter Link 


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