Thanks Ma


Beni Imo casserole.  Southern tradition meets oddly colored sweet potato.  How do you make a healthy and delicious vegetable better?  Butter and sugar.  Lots of it. Sweet and delicious, and surprisingly dense.  Thanks for the recipe Mom.

I’m so thankful for so much.  On thanksgiving, I find myself being thankful most of all for my mom.  There are a lot of things my mom does well, but thanksgivinging is one of her more admirable strengths.  Turkey, ham, casserole, cornbread stuffing, choreography and timing.  And butter and sugar.  Thanksgiving is supposed to be about coming home and being with family, but my Mom learned early that a lot of times, for a time, your friends become your family.  She told stories and memories of relishing in a thanksgiving that was spent around a table full of friends that were all a long way from home.  And she always encouraged me to enjoy the same when I couldn’t be “home.”  Thanks Mom.  You are far away, but I never feel closer to you than I do on Thanksgiving.


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2 thoughts on “Thanks Ma

  1. I am so glad that you “get” what Thanksgiving is about and have found a “new family” to share it with, (The Knocks, for example). There will always be those special people from our lives in the Marine Corps that I will forever remember on Thanksgiving,,,,like the Lavinio’s, and the Simpson’s,,,,and the Bealieu’s….who always brought their family traditions to our table. I am so thankful that Thanksgiving has a true meaning for you. It is a day to reflect on things in our lives that we are so blessed with….FRIENDS are at the top of the list. ILYM

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