Do we work so that we can rest? Or rest so that we can work.  


yoyogi park

It is interesting that we call it leave.  It is important, from time to time, to leave.  Be present somewhere else.  Go away.  Not worry about what seems so important so immediately.


I love vacation.


The older I get though, the more I am ok going back to work.  It almost makes the break that much more enjoyable, knowing that it is for a purpose.  It is not something I’ve earned with hard work.  It is something I’ve been given so that I can work harder.  I know.  Sounds weird.

she's so pretty.

harajuku haircut steeze.  what a babe.

every good work

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2 thoughts on “Leave

  1. Great post. Love the pictures and the reflections. The referenced scripture is a very good reminder and guide for me as I start my week in San Dimas.

    Blessings on you two, Alex/Pops


  2. Austin Allen on said:

    Hey, you guys are in Tokyo now?!? Awesome, so am I! We need to hang out and catch up. I need to take a trip to Ogawamachi, apparently.

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