spills, thrills, and fills

I’m intimidated by gardening.

I like the smell of dirt, and mud, and the feel of sun warmed earth on my hands, under my nails, and between my toes much more than the responsibility of growing and nurturing a garden.

I like gardeners, and people with gardens. I admire those that have knowledge about the earth, the seasons, crops, and soil.

I like farms.

But I don’t know much about these things.

photoBut, I started with these woolly pockets, drilled them into the wall (at one place I drilled through a metal stud) woops.

I bought plants on plants at Makeman.

photo (2)

And, lots of dirt and mud on the floor later, we have a “living wall.”

photo (1)


I was disappointed at first, not with the woolly’s, they’re great, but with my ability to create a cohesive plant wall, but, it’s growing on me.


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3 thoughts on “spills, thrills, and fills

  1. I think it came out fabulous! I can already tell that your place feels more fresh and the air cleaner… and liveable!! You did great, kid. Can’t wait to watch it grow!

  2. I want one!

  3. benjamindi on said:


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