Living With a New Heart. 24 Post Cards.

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Receiving a large binder marked “ROMANS” across the front never would have excited me when I had my old heart. My dead heart.

It didn’t beat, it just sat in my flesh chest encased in stone, cold, hard, lifeless.

But I’m excited now.

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24 Postcards in Full Colour by Max Richter

(have a listen) 

There is a story, we are all in it, whether we know it or not, we always have been. We are not the authors of our own story, but rather, live in a grand and sweeping narrative, one that we didn’t write. I never knew this when I wad dead. I thought like a corpse. I thought I was the story.

My heart beats now. I am alive. God did what is impossible for man. God made my dead heart alive. God changed my direction. Changed my understanding. Opened the eyes of my heart.

There is a book that is alive. It is not an ordinary book, it is breathed out by God. It is about His Son. It is the only book that is able to reveal the thoughts and intentions of my true self, of my heart.

This book is the Author’s conversation with His creation. It is God’s conversation with me. It tells me everything I need to know about life, love, right, wrong, the world, history, myself, Truth and hope. It is about a King.

It is about death, and victory, good and evil, it is about kindness.

It is about God.

It is about God’s kindness.

It is good news to those who can hear, to those who believe.

It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God. The power of God to Salvation.

I love being alive.


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2 thoughts on “Living With a New Heart. 24 Post Cards.

  1. Mindy Werner on said:

    Love this blog of yours. 🙂


  2. I love being alive, too!

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