Princess Mokuyobi

Mokuyobi means Thursday in Japanese. Moku means wood. Moku moku means wood wood and is also the name of a store that sells really cool wood furniture. We got our desk from mokumoku.

The days of the week each coincide with an element of nature.

Sunday – nichiyobi – ‘Sun day’

Monday – getsuyobi – ‘Moon day’

Tuesday – kayobi – ‘Fire day’

Wednesday – suiyobi – ‘Water day’

Thursday – mokuyobi – ‘Wood day’

Friday – kinyoni – ‘Gold day’

Saturday – doyobi – ‘Earth day’

Two weeks ago I got a fifty pound bag of ‘red winter wheat berries’ in the mail. I didn’t know how much fifty pounds was but it’s a lot. I also got a much smaller bag of ‘soft white summer wheat.’ They look silly next to each other.


I made bread.


It’s really good.

I ordered spelt.

It came in the mail.

I made more bread.

I didn’t punch the air enough.



Recently we both read my favorite book Quo Vadis. It was fun to discuss along the way and it felt luxurious to both read a lengthy novel during our travels to get here.


Resources I use daily/weekly/monthly:

‘The Briefing’

Recipes, Health, Wellness

Bread #1

Blog to Blogs

Strength for Today

Bread #2

Kitchen Stewardship



Daily Broadcasts

Radio Lab



Words #2

and each morning we read from One Perfect Life, which I recommend.

Two weeks ago, Mokuyobi was born and someone found her on a sidewalk. Now she’s ours.


Her eyes were closed and she still had her umbilical cord.


She looked like a baby bat.


Now she’s all grown up and goes by ‘Moku’


Or sometimes Princess Mokuyobi.


And also, she takes glamour shots.

– G

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