Night and Day, Nooks, and also, Our New Pets

adventure room

adventure room

I am fond of this room. Sometimes I hide away in the tent and read. The days and nights have gone fast so far. The nights are pleasant for me and it feels safe here. Not only safe on the island, but also tucked away in the tower. I remind myself almost nightly, however, of Psalm 4:8.


As I piece together our home, I realize, most of the pieces were contributed by you, our friends and family.

We think of you when we eat…

shop for produce at the farmers’ market…

watch movies on the couch…

find adventures…

sip tea…


photo (10)clean…

and study.

photo (11)

photo (12)

photo (14)

When we read and relax…

and nap…

photo (17)

and when we remember and reminisce.

This is our home and it is these small pieces that make it that. We are thankful for your contributions to our home, but even more to our lives through your love and prayers.


And also, 

this is one of our new pets. We have three. They are relatively quiet, but will beep loudly when they need to be let out to use the bathroom, which is frequently (about twice a day for each of them).



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2 thoughts on “Night and Day, Nooks, and also, Our New Pets

  1. Aww, so precious to see all these things tucked away and on display in your home. There is something special in the items that have been gifted to us from those that we love.

    Your little tower has become a home full of cozy comfort in a land far away. It must be strange at times living on an Island in JAPAN. It’s still wild to think about…

    You are missed, very much.

    And loved even more,

  2. I want to go camping in your tower.

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