Master Kudzu

"Air's Note"

“Air’s Note”

About seven years ago my friend Ratface gave me a spacey cd from a guy called Takagi Masakatsu.  All I knew about Takagi was that he was a Japanese video artist who modulated videos with his mac to make them look even more beautiful.  He eventually started writing music to accompany the videos and it turned out to be great.  Air’s Note was the first album I listened to and I was hooked.  Up until about two months ago the only thing I knew about Japan was Takagi and how great Hario coffee products are.

Fast forward 8 years and now that we live here we have found that one of the best ways to discover how Japanese people live is through their animated movies.  Parts of our house are decorated to match what we see repeated in various scenes.  One common aesthetic is the rectangular rigid floor mats.  We have since placed them in the library guest nap room.

naps.  i take that.

naps. i take that.

One of our recent favorites is a movie called Wolf Children.  It is noteworthy in the fact that it is not from the famous animation house “Studio Ghibli.”  Even more noteworthy than the beautiful animation was the beautiful soundtrack.  At the end credits I was surprised to see a name I recognized.  Mr Masakatsu Takagi.

This clip does a better job describing him than I can.

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3 thoughts on “Master Kudzu

  1. brent on said:

    Rat face, what a guy! I back this so much

  2. Otter, just read through the entire blog today. I took a 25 minute break from painting…(ugh, it’s been a 3-day binge).
    If the color wasn’t so beautiful I would have croaked by now.

    Sounds like Japan is keeping you busy too. So many things to report on! Thank you for sending me the blog link. Whenever you update you can tap me on the tail in a text and I’ll happily read up on your adventures.

    I’m about to doze off, so sleepy, now that I’ve found a comfy spot on the bed. Best get up and get at it. I still have to clean up the mess of paint and then meet with Tanja, then shower, then for dinner at the Chateau M.

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