Goya and Gloves

Meet Goya the Bitter Melon:



Goya is a fruit used in a traditional Okinawan stir fry called “champuru.” It lives up to it’s nick-name “bitter melon.”

I’ve already come to appreciate the taste and even cooked champuru for a potluck at our house. We got a new table but it was BYOC (bring your own chair).

I cooked the champuru with purple noodles instead of rice. They are beni imo noodles (see previous post about ice cream).

Pot Luck


The Okinawan people wear light clothing that covers and protects their skin. We weren’t here very long before we noticed the women wear long fingerless gloves when they drive. Thankfully I quickly found some at “Makeman” (more on that store later) in the 100 yen (dollar) section!


I’m loving it here.

– G



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  1. thanks for the pingback. how long have you been here?

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